Housing Payments

For Valencia College Students:

UCF Housing and Residence Life is happy to establish payment plans for Valencia student residents who lack the immediate financial resources to pay their balances, subject to the following considerations:

Valencia students may visit the UCF Housing and Residence Life Office on University of Central Florida main campus Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Ask for one of our staff accountants to assist in the preparation of a UCF Housing Payment Agreement.

Payment plans are established for the full or partial balance of the housing expense. Amounts covered by anticipated financial aid for the semester in question will be applied to the tuition balance first at Valencia, and the remaining financial aid will be mailed to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to make UCF Housing payments with the refund from Valencia financial aid.

Payment plans include a $100.00 late fee, which are imposed for having an outstanding balance after an established due date and extending the payment beyond the due date. Payment plans are established to reduce collection communications, defer subsequent, and more aggressive collection efforts for non-payment (i.e. access restrictions or evictions).

If you choose not to enter into a UCF Housing payment agreement, the full amount for UCF Housing is due on or before the designated due date per your UCF Housing contract (i.e. Fall 2019 is due and payable 9/6/2019).


You may pay with a cashier check, or money order; payable to UCF Housing. Please include your name and UCF/Valencia student identification number.

Mail your payment to:

University of Central Florida

Attention: Accounts Receivable

P.O. Box 163222

Orlando, FL 32816-3222

For International Students:

International students may make payments to UCF Housing through Flywire. Click here for more information and to register for this service, please include your name and UCF/Valencia student identification number as recipient.