UnionWest wants the first year of the UCF and Valencia College Downtown Campus to be something special.  For that reason, we are offering the following special opportunities to UnionWest’s 2019-2020 residents:

  1. Be a UnionWest Scholarship Winner
  • UnionWest will be giving cash scholarships to three lucky residents
    • One at $7,500, one at $5,000, one at $2,500 – Drawn from a pool of confirmed student tenants in September
    • To be paid directly to the student
  1. Get Involved Downtown
  • UnionWest wants our residents to get to know Downtown Orlando and be part of the Downtown experience
  • All 2019-2020 UnionWest residents will participate in monthly downtown event giveaways, including prizes like:
    • Professional sports events tickets
      • Tickets to Orlando City Soccer game
      • Tickets to Orlando Magic game
    • Theater/Concert Tickets
    • Gift Cards to Downtown restaurants and entertainment venues
    • Scooters
    • Dunkin’ gift card and other move-in or neighborhood welcome-type benefits
  1. Be a UnionWest Original Resident
    • All UnionWest 2019-2020 residents will be entered into a drawing to win gift card prizes in September

All prizes are sponsored by UnionWest owners, Ustler Group and Development Ventures Group. UCF Housing is not responsible for any omissions or errors in the verbiage on this page.