DHRL’s Janet Feliciano Selected as USPS Employee of the Month

Key Services Administrative Assistant Recognized for Exceptional Work

Posted Wednesday, August 26, 2020 @ 9:59 AM

The Department of Housing & Residence Life (DHRL) is proud to congratulate Janet Feliciano on becoming UCF’s USPS Employee of the Month for August 2020. She is the Administrative Assistant for Key Services.  

Feliciano’s supervisor Richard Berwanger has described her as one of those people who will inevitably go above and beyond every single day because that is just part of her nature. If she notices an issue or sees a need, Janet will never hesitate to jump in and do what she can to remedy the situation. When working on a task, she thinks through every angle to ensure she is being proactive, limiting the room for error. This is especially important because Janet serves as the manager of the Key System, which supports approximately 12,000 residential students across fifteen residential communities, including satellite properties such as Rosen and UnionWest. 

Janet has an innate ability to connect to others, especially those she works around,” Berwanger says. She does so in a way that makes you feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated. I can’t say how many times the personnel in our shop have come to her with something, work or non-work related, and walked away with a renewed vison. A different understanding, a voice within themselves they never had, or a resolution that is clear, precise and positive. A lot of personnel become exhausted from doing our daily work and fulfilling obligations, but not Janet. She is tireless, yet has a peace about her, an internal strength from always giving of herself. 

Janet Feliciano is now in the running for the USPS Employee of the Year award, which will be announced at the UCF Annual Awards Program. 

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