Publicity and Promotions

Flyer Distribution at UnionWest

All flyers must be approved by the Department of Housing and Residence Life before they are posted in any residence hall. The guidelines and prior approval process outlined below pertain to bulletin boards and other University-controlled spaces in the residence halls.

  • Flyers or other materials may not be posted within the communities except by Department of Housing and Residence Life staff members.
  • No items may be hung or displayed outside of a window or anywhere in a building or its adjacent structures (bus stops, benches, etc.).
  • Only flyers for recognized university groups and organizations in good standing will be considered for posting. Outside agencies or companies may not submit materials for posting in the residence halls.
  • Flyers or other posted material may not contain obscenity, advertise, or endorse conduct or events that would constitute violations of the Rules of Conduct, Department of Housing and Residential Life policies, University policies, and/or federal or state law.
  • Due to limited space, flyers or other material to be posted may not exceed 11” x 17”.
  • Any item posted in violation of these guidelines will be removed.

To get your flyer approved and displayed:

  • Email a pdf version of flyer to
  • Email must include the following: Contact person name, Contact phone, Organization/Department name, Contact email address. Flyers themselves must include the Organization/Department name, information, and contact info.
  • Flyer approval is at the sole discretion of the Housing and Residence Life staff. Appeals will not be accepted.
  • Once a PDF of your flyer is approved for distribution, you will receive a reply email authorizing your flyer for delivery. A copy of the reply email must be provided when delivering flyers for distribution. Your approval email will include approved quantities of flyers (15). The flyers you submit should be counted, separated and labeled as instructed and delivered to the Housing and Residence Life office located on the 6th floor of UnionWest.
  • DHRL will not be responsible for providing copies.
  • If original signs are found to be altered after approval has been provided, posting privileges for the office, organization or individual will be revoked for the remainder of the academic year.