Fall 2022 update!

New affiliated management coming Fall 2022. For Fall leasing questions, contact leasing@unionweststudentliving.com or call (689) 223-1240.

Fall 2022 Housing and Campus Advantage Transition

For UCF students, there are no changes to your existing Housing Agreement. The current UnionWest staff will remain in place and day-to-day operations will continue unchanged. You should continue to contact the UnionWest office staff regarding property management, like work orders or general questions or concerns. For questions about rent payments, continue to call 407-823-4663 and ask to speak to an accountant.

For Valencia students, there are no changes to your existing Housing Agreement, but, effectively immediately, rent payments should be directed to Campus Advantage. A Campus Advantage representative will follow up with you to provide new payment instructions, or you can visit the UnionWest Student Housing Community Office Monday – Friday between 9:30am – 5:00pm.   The current UnionWest staff will remain in place and day-to-day operations will continue unchanged.  You should continue to contact the UnionWest office staff regarding property management, like work orders or general questions or concerns.

Yes, as an affiliated housing property, you should still be able to use financial aid or Florida Prepaid to pay for housing expenses at UnionWest. You can discuss the details of this process with your Campus Advantage leasing coordinator.

We anticipate a modest rent increase consistent with previous annual rent increases and still well below Orlando area apartment rent increases over the past year.  The best way to secure your rate for next year is to sign up as soon as possible by visiting www.unionweststudentliving.com or emailing a Campus Advantage leasing coordinator at leasing@unionweststudentliving.com.

UCF and Valencia RAs will continue to be in place through August 7, 2022. As of August 8, 2022, UnionWest will have Community Assistants who have similar responsibilities as RAs, but they are trained and employed by Campus Advantage.

Your current room assignment will remain unchanged through the end of your existing lease term. Beginning in Fall 2022, room and roommate assignments will be managed by Campus Advantage.  The best way to secure your room assignment for Fall 2022 is to sign up as soon as possible by visiting www.unionweststudentliving.com or emailing a Campus Advantage leasing coordinator at leasing@unionweststudentliving.com.

No.  You will still be able to go to the 6th floor for assistance.

No – the UCF and Valencia academic and support spaces on floors 1-5 of UnionWest will remain the same.  You will still be an elevator ride away from your downtown campus classes, student services, the Recreation and Wellness Center, and Valencia’s Walt Disney World Center for Culinary Arts and Hospitality, and only a few steps away from the Dr. Phillips Academic Commons and the UCF Communication and Media Building.


Applying For Summer 2022 Housing

Students applying for a Summer 2022 agreement must be enrolled in classes. Students who signed a 2021-2022 annual housing agreement do not need to enroll in summer classes.

Room changes are not always possible once online room selection has closed. You may contact us if you have a room change request prior to arriving, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor it. Please note that Housing and Residence Life will not change a room assignment due to race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The prepayment for a summer C-only agreement is $100.

If you have a medical condition or disability that will require special accommodations within housing, you will be able to indicate that during the online housing application process. Once you indicate that you have a medical condition or disability requiring accommodation, you will receive more information regarding the appropriate forms and procedures to complete. Documentation from your health care provider will be required. If you have questions about possible accommodations, please call 407-823-4663 and ask to speak with a member of the Room Assignments team.

You may apply for housing once you are offered admission to the university.

UCF and Valencia College students, of all years and majors, are eligible to apply for housing at UnionWest. Agreements are individual, per resident. UnionWest does not have family housing.


Room Selection and Roommates

See our Roommates information page here.

Students must provide activation, deployment, travel, or assignment orders to UCF DHRL. Please review your housing agreement for specific details. If you have questions, please contact us at housing@ucf.edu or (407) 823-4663.

Residents are required to submit appropriate documentation to pause or terminate their housing agreement for academic reasons.  Please review your housing agreement for specific details.  If you have questions, please contact us at housing@ucf.edu or (407) 823-4663.


Current Residents

All residents, current and new, will need to complete a new application for Fall 2022.



We will send general reminders and updates to the parent/guardian email address provided during the housing application process. The parent/guardian email address is required for students under 18 and optional for students over 18. Due to FERPA regulations, we communicate directly with the students regarding specific or personal matters.

We communicate officially via email directly to the student. It is important to add housing@ucf.edu to your email address book so that emails from us will not be put in your spam or junk folder. Email is the official means of communication at UCF and students are expected to maintain and check their email regularly.

We will send email to the address you have listed in the housing or myUCF system. Please note that all UCF students must sign up for a Knight's Email address. Once you sign up for Knight's Email, your email address in myUCF will automatically update to this address, so you should make sure to check it regularly for communication from UCF Housing and Residence Life, as well as other departments, professors, etc. Valencia College students will be emailed at their Atlas email.

If you have not yet moved in, please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life through one of the methods on our Contact page. If you are already a UnionWest resident, you should contact your community office either by visiting the office or by phone.

UCF students may receive a UnionWest viewbook in the mail at your home address once you are offered admission to UCF. However, all official communication with UCF and Valencia College students from the Department of Housing and Residence Life will be through email, the housing portal, and the Housing and Residence Life website. We do not mail home any invoices, room assignments, applications, etc.


Financial/Payment Information


What to Expect/Facilities

If you are experiencing a maintenance issue, you can report it using an online form to UCF Facilities OperationsPlease do not enter emergency requests through this form. Emergency requests include inoperative elevator, water leaks, toilets running over, power outage or an alarm that will not turn off. In a non-life threatening emergency, call the Work Control Center 24/7 at: (407) 823-5223. In case of fire or medical emergencies, always call 911.

To report an issue with a laundry machine, call 1-800-927-9274 or send an email to: service@caldwellandgregory.com. You can also use the QR code on each machine to report issues.


For residents who plan to bring a car to campus, the UnionWest garage is the only overnight parking option on-campus. Overnight parking is not permitted in the UCF parking garages or in the City garages at Creative Village. Each resident of UnionWest can lease one assigned parking space in the UnionWest garage, which is attached to the building and provides convenient and controlled access to student housing.

These 24/7 reserved spaces are grouped in a designated area of the parking garage and the leasing of your assigned parking space runs concurrently with your student housing agreement. The UnionWest resident rate is $110 per space per month, which is below the market for the downtown area. This offer is limited to residents of UnionWest and is not available to non-residents. To reserve a spot, please e-mail UnionWest@platinumparking.us.

NEW: Students with UnionWest parking passes will be permitted to park in Student “D” (green) parking lots and unreserved parking garages on UCF’s main campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. Students with “R” permits will be to park at UCF Downtown in the “D” green lots and unreserved parking garages for the 2019-2020 academic year.

For additional information, please visit UnionWest at Creative Village Parking and Transit.

Ethernet cables can be connected at each desk location in each of the rooms.  In addition, residents should see wireless speeds up to 300 mbps when connected to the UnionWest WiFi. Contact Spectrum through the OnBoard website that you were provided if these speeds are not being provided.

In order to reduce charges, UCF Housing encourages residents to use “Painter’s” tape to hang decorations. Normal wear and tear on facilities such as small paint chips or paint that peels off from command strips should not result in damage fees. If you feel that you have been assessed a damage fee unfairly, please contact your Residence Life Coordinator or your community office.

Use the Speed Queen App to load money to your account and pay for the washer and dryer.

Printing is available for current students through the Downtown Student Engagement office located on the 3rd floor of UnionWest. For instructions on how to print click here.

Yes. Soon you will see an increase in promotion about recycling throughout the building. Rooms that do not have recycle bins will receive one in the Spring 2020 semester.

We appreciate your patience and we look forward to having additional restaurants open in the Spring 2020 semester. With new construction, there are always unanticipated challenges and delays, some of which are simply beyond the control of the Tenant and Owner. The restaurants at UnionWest are subject to third-party leases, and construction of those spaces is undertaken by the Tenants and subject to City permitting, approvals and inspections. In appreciation of your patience, the Owner has provided residents with additional events, accommodations, and prizes including gift cards, Food for Finals and downtown event tickets. We will keep you updated regularly regarding the progress of the ground floor restaurant and retail openings at UnionWest.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system at UnionWest has been built to meet all of the most recent energy building codes. The building is designed to control the loss of cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. Closed windows are a standard in the multi-family industry for achieving these important energy-saving goals in high rise buildings such as UnionWest.

Packages from delivery services (Fedex, Amazon, UPS, etc.) are accepted until 9:00 pm seven days a week. Any deliveries after 9:00 pm will need to be delivered the next day.

Residents can drop off outgoing ‘regular’ USPS mail in the UW Mail Center (113) Monday-Friday 8 am-12 pm and 1-5 pm. Express, overnight, and special deliveries cannot be accepted. USPS pickup of outgoing mail is typically M-F between 10 am and 11 am. Amazon, DHL, FedEx, and UPS need to be dropped off at those specific locations.



Yes. For safety, all residential stairwells require a valid downtown student ID for access onto the residential floors. If you are experiencing issues using your ID, please report it to Community Office located on the 6th floor of UnionWest.

UnionWest is designed and constructed in accordance with all applicable codes, including those relating to life safety.  In the event of an emergency, students should leave the building immediately using stairwells and gather at the Parramore Parking Garage.

If you cannot evacuate the building on your own safely, go to the Area of Refuge, which is located in the elevator lobby of each residential floor at UnionWest, and push the intercom call button to inform the emergency staff of your location. The Area of Refuge is designated by code and approved by the Fire.  The Fire Department personnel will provide assistance as required.

If you require evacuation assistance, it is important that you contact housing@ucf.edu to ensure you are added to a confidential list that is shared with first responders in the event of an emergency.

Florida's hurricane season lasts from June 1st through November 30th, and UCF's hurricane policies and procedures are summarized below.

The National Hurricane Center warns that some part of Florida is threatened by a hurricane or tropical storm each year, and the center provides information about hurricanes and other severe weather at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/. During any threatening weather, UCF's Office of Emergency Management monitors this site and sends official weather reports to all vice presidents, deans, regional campus directors, and to UCF President.

If a serious storm or hurricane threatens our region, the Governor and UCF President have the authority to cancel classes or close campuses, and they do so in consultation with other area colleges, school districts, and government offices. If they cancel classes or close the university, UCF News and Information will disseminate details to local TV and radio outlets, including WUCF radio 89.9 FM, and they will post this information on the UCF home page at http://www.ucf.edu. Additionally, a list of other media outlets and hurricane resources is available at http://emergency.ucf.edu/hurricanes.html.

When it is necessary - as it was during Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne in 2004 - UCF enacts its Emergency Plan, coordinated by William Merck, Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Storm closings typically require UCF to open campus shelters for resident students, essential-operations staff members, and their families. Jeff Morgan, Director of Emergency Management, will establish an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate mission critical services such as security, utilities, dining services, and shelter support. Details of our Emergency Plan are posted on the Office of Emergency Management Website at http://emergency.ucf.edu/plans.html. Updates about information for residents will be on the front page of the UCF Housing and Residence Life website.

While we hope to escape hurricanes this season, we are wise to prepare well and to educate ourselves in case an emergency occurs. Please do your part to keep the UCF community safe.