Luminary Green – A Bright Addition to the Creative Village.

Luminary Green park will feature light installations, honor community luminaries

Posted Friday, April 23, 2021 @ 10:16 AM

2021 is looking to be the year that the Creative Village, part of UCF Downtown, really sparks up. And what better way to continue that trend than breaking ground on one of the Creative Village’s latest projects—the Luminary Green. Along with members of Orlando City Council and the Creative Village Development team, mayor Buddy Dyer recently broke ground on Luminary Green, the upcoming community park nestled in the middle of Creative Village.
The park is set to be a 2.3-acre expansive and open-air gathering space for residents and students of Creative Village, Parramore, and downtown Orlando. Featuring a large and welcoming lawn for community members of the area, Luminary Green looks to be a perfect spot for gathering, studying, and enjoying the outdoors. A mixture of art and nature, the park will have canopy trees for shading while featuring decorative and interactive light installations, lighting the park day and night.
Luminary Green is not just a bright idea for a park name, it also ties into one of the cornerstone features of the park. The park will include a dedicated area or structure to feature the names of different Orlando community luminaries – those who have inspired or influenced their communities and whose legacies have uplifted and provided a light for us. Sources say Regina I. Hill, District 5 City Commissioner, was proud to break ground on the new park at Creative Village. It is a park that will inspire residents and also provide an opportunity to honor and recognize community luminaries.
Construction of the park, the latest addition to the Creative Village and UCF Downtown, is underway and expected to be completed in the second half of 2021.